With over 20 years’ experience in the Skincare industry Chiza Westcarr’s passion continues. Her know-how and skills have taken her around the globe. From cruise ships, mobile clinics, dermal consultancy, and as an educator speaking and presenting for both the beauty and medical aesthetics industries.

With her expertise in presenting, Chiza is sought after to speak at industry conferences both in Australia and overseas. She has written articles for industry publications and most recently been quoted in Harper’s Bazaar.

Chiza is obsessed with anything and everything skin-related, and an even greater desire to share, inspire and change lives through education and therapeutic management.

The numbers of individuals who suffer from debilitating skin conditions, whilst unknowingly having incapacitating and enervating disorders and have tried numerous medications and unimaginable treatments without results or resolve is what drives her to find resolution and healthy alternatives.

As a Dermal Clinician and Educator, Chiza continued searching for the ‘WHY’.  A subsequent Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition later, followed with becoming a Health Coach and Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Chiza knew there had to be a way to develop a methodology to educate and enhance the knowledge of individuals working in the industry.

She then created the Nutritional Skincare Academy to empower skin specialists with vital and innovative tools to obtain outstanding and long-lasting results for their clients.

Mobilizing all her knowledge Chiza believes that nutrition is a missing link in skin therapy.  Educational institutions at most levels do not include nutrition into their curricula even though it is one of the most important aspects of skin health.  As Chiza states; “You are what you eat, after all”.

The Nutritional Skin Care Academy (NSCA) educates skin experts on all levels, whether – Skin Therapists, Dermal Clinicians, Laser Clinicians, Naturopaths, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners, Aesthetic Medical Practitioners and even Medical Doctors, to gain and enhance their knowledge of skin health from the inside out.

After completion of the courses, Chiza provides a private group forum where they can contribute to and continue to learn from.

Chiza’s desire to guide people to optimum health, through education and treatment is realised by combining her capacious knowledge of skin and nutrition combined with the importance of gut health.

Guiding people in how to achieve optimum health she has found that by combining her comprehensive knowledge of skin, nutrition and the importance of gut health, numerous conditions such as gut dysbiosis, IBS, eczema, psoriasis, PCOS, acne, rosacea and more, have positively responded and been managed successfully.

Along with her GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner qualification, all the pieces are now accessible to design and deliver an unabridged range of skin and health-related programs that complete a full spectrum of learning for practitioners to gain a true understanding of the patients/clients’ conditions.


Masters degree in Human Nutrition
Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine
IIN Health Coach Certificate
Metabolic Balance® Certificate
GAPS Practitioner Certificate
Bachelor of Health Sciences – Clinical Dermal Therapies


The Nutritional Skin Care Academy has been created to empower skin specialists and would be skin specialists, with the necessary tools to get outstanding long lasting results for the clients and patients that visit your practices.

So far nutrition has been the missing link. None of our skin therapy programs in colleges or in higher institutions, incorporate nutrition into their curricula and yet it is the most important aspect of skin health. You are what you eat after all.

The Nutritional Skin Care Academy is about enabling skin experts in all their guises – Skin Therapists, Dermal Clinicians, Laser Clinicians, Naturopaths, Medical Practitioners – who all have the common interest in making a difference to the health of their clients’ and patients’ skin, providing a a forum that they can both contribute to and learn from.

I have already found that by combining my expansive skin knowledge with my knowledge of nutrition and the importance of gut health, inflammatory conditions such as acne and rosacea have responded and been managed very successfully when the appropriate home care strategy and in-clinic treatment is combined with dietary assessment and recommendation.

The Nutritional Skincare Academy aims to provide that missing link, and make the consultation process a lot more reflective of what is required to gain a true understanding of the patient or client’s condition.

For Personalised Nutritional Consultations please visit www.glowskinandnutrition.com