Managing Hyperpigmentation Risks In Phototypes 5 & 6

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It can be daunting to perform treatments on darker-skinned clients for the first time. I also know that safely treating various skin types is not necessarily taught at every Beauty Therapy College, and because the clientele of your skin clinic may be majority caucasian, the opportunity to gain experience may not have presented itself as yet.

Well, this is about to change! Sign up for this informative Webinar that will introduce and teach you some key factors you MUST consider when treating higher phototypes.

I will empower and instill in you the confidence you need during our time together. I can assure you will be more confident about asking the right kind of questions during your Consultations, resulting in your improved ability to determine the best type of treatment suited to your clients. You will also come away with a better understanding of the importance of prepping to make sure you don’t end up causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation! I am so excited to share my knowledge with you!
Please ensure you have a notepad and pen as I have lots to share!