The Skin Changes of Menopause

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Menopause is described as being a 12 month period since a woman’s last period.

Despite the fact, women make up 51% of the global population, and menopause being something that every woman goes through, it is still quite a taboo topic, leaving millions of women around the world feeling completely unprepared and unsupported.

Despite the fact that every woman will experience menopause at some point in her life, how is it that some women sail through it with hardly a symptom, while others have a horrendous time of it? Among the numerous symptoms that menopausal women experience are dramatic changes to the skin. As the body ceases making as much collagen, the skin rapidly ages, inducing sagging and wrinkling, dryness and a thinning of the epidermis Join me to learn about how you can better manage these incredibly frustrating changes, and more importantly, support your menopausal clients experiencing these changes.

Please ensure you have a notepad and pen as I have lots to share!