The Foundation Course is an in-depth online 8 module course held live for 2 hours each week, always on a Monday, with ample opportunity provided for the participants to ask questions and actively engage.
With a strong focus on nutrition, it provides those missing pieces often overlooked in various skin focused training programs.
Attendees of the Foundation Course have found that by combining their skin knowledge with their newly acquired knowledge of nutrition, they are better able to support their clients on their skin journey. Inflammatory conditions such as acne and rosacea have responded and been managed more successfully.
When the appropriate home care strategy and in-clinic treatment are combined with dietary assessment and recommendation, improvements happen very quickly. It is extremely rewarding for me to watch their confidence grow!



– Module One Introduction to the Gut
                   – Module Two Gut Health and its implications
            – Module Three The Art of Fermentation
        – Modules Four and Five Inflammatory Skin Conditions
 – Module Six Nutrient Support
– Module Seven The Consultation Process
        – Module Eight Case Studies

These live sessions will be recorded and you will be able to re-watch the recorded video as often as you like. I will also be providing a pdf of the powerpoint presentation and another document summarising the main points of the class so that you know what the upcoming module is going to cover.



I highly recommend the Foundation course if you are involved in treating the skin and want to ensure you achieve optimum results for your clients by addressing skin concerns confidently but also holistically from the inside out.

I know you will find the Foundation Course both informative and transformative and I cannot wait to welcome you!

Chiza Westcarr

Nutritional Skincare Academy